DCN leverages Spanish life style managing companies which commercialise products and services representative of this life style, belonging to the sectors which characterise the Spanish economic model. Our economy reflects the problems we face as society as much as the solutions we have managed to reach and that we can share with other societies.

With this in mind, DCN business model develops a universe of integrated companies which develops organically and emergently. It features solidarity, transparency, social justice and loyalty among the participating companies, leveraging on top of a social collaborative model which builds up relations in different layers of society and open to new focus.

DCN directly manages collaborative initiatives which integrate interests of a set of diverse companies, selecting new problems to solve and developing models of collaboration, leveraging the relations among companies which allow consolidating globally the developed solutions.

Corporate Liason.

With this vision dcn holds collaboration agreements with organisations with a significant presence in the national and international economic model, with whom jointly work to pursue specific shared goals.

As a matter of fact, dated July 2016, DCN and CIBER signed a collaboration agreement in order to leverage the innovation ecosystem in the biotech sector.

Dated July 2016, DCN and iTemas signed a collaboration agreement in order to leverage the innovation ecosystem in the health sector.

Dated July 2016, the investment society in biomedicine managed by DCN has joined Bioval, the association of biotech companies of the Valencia region.

Dated April 2015, DCN and UPV (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) have established a collaboration agreement in order to leverage the tecnology innovation ecosystem.

Dated February 2015 DCN has reinforced an alliance with Instituto de Empresa at Madrid, becoming Investor in Residence with permanent presence at IE site in Madrid. Besides in 2014, the collaboration was already intensified with Instituto de Empresa to share dealflow of innovative projects and to organise IE Venture Network in Valencia.

Dated January 2015, DCN has established a collaboration agreement with Banco Sabadell, in order for companies invested by investment societies managed by DCN, or advised clients by DCN, have preferred access to financing.

Also dated May 2014, DCN has signed a collaboration agreement with Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), based in Madrid, with the objective of leveraging the ecosystem around innovation. CSIC gathers more than 5.000 researchers, organized in 120 reserach groups, 40 of them in collaboration with different leading Spanish institutions.

Also dated May 2014, DCN has signed a collaboration agreement with Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (CIPF), based in Valencia, with the objetive of leveraging the Spanish innovation ecosystem. CIPF has suffered a deep transformation due to the cuts of the Spanish administration, but it is relaunched to a new stage to leverage the research around biomedicine.

Dated February 2013 Fundación Bankinter and DCN have signed a two years collaboration agreement, aiming at leveraging and consolidating innovation by developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering Spanish companies able to become global tecnological leaders and working together to ease the access to resources in the initial stages of development of start ups. This collaboration with Fundación Bankinter means another step to consolidate DCN mission as management support for Spanish companies aiming at global positioning.

Dated December 2012, DCN has been selected by ENISA as qualified investor for the Fund Spain Start Up budgeted with €20M per year, until December 2014. This is a selected list of less than 50 Spanish investment management companies, within which DCN is honoured, recognising its referent position as a management company since its constitution back in 2003. The goal pursued by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Innovation is that the administration co invests in innovative start ups aligned with qualified investors and with those who invest with them. The co investment consists in participative loans in attractive conditions of up to the amount of equity invested by qualified investors and its co investors.

Inform us about your projects.

It you have the will and the illusion to leverage the company you lead or you need to develop a project you pursue with lots of energy, do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe we can identify a way to collaborate which might leverage your project.