DCN Best in One.

DCN consulting services cover diverse business functions, and are packed under the naming of DCN Best in One.

Best in One is a business consulting service proposal that gathers a pool of professionals with diverse experiences, in top management positions, in different sectors and in World Class companies.

This pool of professionals are selected upfront by their human quality and business experience, and also beacause their business model is aligned with the value proposition offered by DCN Best in One.

Currently, DCN offers business consulting services in the following areas:

Independent members of the Board of Directors.

Participation in Boards of directors as independent members.

Business strategy and control.

Support in Business Strategy definition, repositioning and reestructuring. Business Model evaluation, Due Dilligence for mergers and acquisitions or disinvestments, business control and Business Intelligence. Market competition analysis.

Fashion and retail sector.

Deep understanding of the fashion and retail sector.

Commercial and sales.

Support in sales, commercial strategy, sales agitation, retail and franchises.

China, Korea and Asia.

Specially, DCN offers support on sales, strategy, sales motivation, retail and franchises in Greater China, Korea and in Asia Pacific.


Deep understanding of the USA market in order to leverage corporate development and tech companies fund raising.


Deep understanding of Latin American markets, especially with México, Colombia, Perú and Chile. Support to corporate development.

Marketing, communication and product.

Support in brand management, communication, marketing, merchandising, digital marketing, creativity manegement, support in product management, product development for bags, accesories and shoes, and value management.

Systems, technology and innovation.

Support in TIC, technologies and processes, and with a long time experiencie in innovation.

Biz leveraged by tech.

Support in introducing tech in the company to generate biz. Investment in innovation. Biz development for tech companies to be applied in other companies.

Innovation process management.

In alliance with Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, management of the innovation process, accessing knowledge available in the University and outside University.

Digitalization of the company.

Digitalization of the company using tecnologies to boost business.


Management support for biotech companees in strategy, biz development and tech process management.

Human Resources and interim.

Human Resource direction, selection processes, top management headhunting and interim Management. Business Management.

In-company training.

In-company training workshops about several business dimensiones depending on the current difficulties company face given a certain situation and all personalised.

Corporate Finance.

Support in Corporate finance, public, finantial instutions and private financing, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Support to start ups.

DCN has been more than 10 years investing in technology start ups, and since January 2013 can offer other servicies to support this type of companies. These servicies are complemented by collaboration agreements with specialised companies in different areas of expertise.

Corporate Finance.
DCN, as an active investor, relates on a daily basis with a significant finantial agents, from public to private institutions, family offices, business angels, agents or brokers. DCN has established collaboration agreements with some of them, which some of them facilite access to entrepreneurs and private investors, finantial institutions, public funding and other direct private investing alternatives.

Direct Investment.
DCN manages three investment societies which invest in companies in their start up o early stage. Two of them are specialised in a specific sector (biomedicine and digital technologies), while the thid one invest in innovation in any secot. ENISA has slector DCN as qualified investor in the Spain Start Up Fund.

Business development and sales.
We can help you to align the commercial strategy with the finantial goals, sizing the sales force and defining the needed people capabilities. DCN contributes actively with a wide network of proffesional contacts and leading business access, which benefit from the business opportunities happening in this context and ease the creation of sinergies. Especifically, this compromises us with the business development of our clients, offering sales brokerage and front line sales.

Legal and tax.
We can consult to properly established s start up, define shareholders agreements, execute capital increases, benefit from fiscal advantages and interpreting properly the entrepreneurs laws.

DCN can help to focus the business development using the very few windows of opportunity in this early stages.

DCN leverages its capacities with collaborative agreements.

dcn holds collaborative agreements with different entities in order to assure the consistency of business models developed at companies in which the firm has presence in their corporate governance boards.

Dated March 2015, DCN has established an alliance with VMC a company specialised in Value Management, in order to improve product strategy management.

Dated February 2015, DCN has signed a collaboration agreement with Res, espacio creativo. Based in Sevilla, Res is an social innovation center, which selects entrepreneurial projects in fileds like social entrepreneurialship, technology, creativity, agrobusiness and tourism, and offers physical espace, mentoring, training and fund raising. It gathers the most recognised agents in innovation investment in the Andalucian city.

Dated February 2015, and following several years working together for different companies, DCN has signed an agreement with Ibáñez y Asociados to offer Corporate Finance services to DCN clients and to support Ibáñez y Asociados clients with consulting and management services. This alliance brings in deep experience in different sectors, specially in agriculture / food, health, logistics and ceramics.

Dated March 2014, DCN has established a collaborative agreement with Blue Gate based in Hong Kong and in Shanghai, especialized in supporting companies with interests in China, for the business development in the Chinese market. The agreement pursues to consolidate relationships between the Chinese and the Spanish economies, giving support to Spanish companies to grow in China and to Chinese companies to grow in Spain. The agreement also covers supporting Chinese investors willing to invest in Spain and Spanish investors willing to invest in China.

Dated February 2014, DCN has established a collaborative agreement with the technology companies accelerator, Top Seed Lab based in Madrid, led by Ignacio Macías and which is developing new mechanisms for the emergence of disruptive projects and which has gathered the most consolidated players in the Madrid ecosystem around innovation. The collaboration pretends to link an accelerator and a series of follow up funds to invest in innovation in its early stages increasing the efficiency that different agents are bringing into innovative projects with potential, which are florishing from the scientific, academic or business environment.

In September 2013, dcn has signed a collaboration agreement with Metasbio to validate the biomedical technologies under investment evaluation by the innovation investment funds that manages.

In July 2013 an agreement was signed with Vallés Asesores Legales y Tributarios will the goal of becoming dcn head law firm and support the development of dcn mission statement, identifying effective business model which adequatelly use recources and global partners in the areas of business, tax and labour law.

Also in July 2013, a collaborative agreement was signed with Business Innovation and the Boston VC ecosystem Valencian Global Program aiming at developing innovation, supporting finantially those projects within the investment strategies of the funds managed by dcn, incorporating to the program those invested start ups by those funds which fulfill the criteria and supporting in general the development into USA for start ups related to dcn.

Dated December 2012, DCN has been selected by ENISA as qualified investor for the Fund Spain Start Up budgeted with €20M per year, until December 2014. This is a selected list of less than 50 Spanish investment management companies, within which DCN is honoured, recognising its referent position as a management company since its constitution back in 2003. The goal pursued by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Innovation is that the administration co invests in innovative start ups aligned with qualified investors and with those who invest with them. The co investment consists in participative loans in attractive conditions of up to the amount of equity invested by qualified investors and its co investors.

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